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The Sixth Doctor's brightly coloured, mismatched clothes and brash, overbearing personality set him apart from all his previous incarnations, in some ways hearkening back to the early irascibility and undertones of untrustworthiness of the First Doctor. The Sixth Doctor appeared in three seasons; however, in his first outing in Season 21 he appeared only in the final episode of The Caves of Androzani which featured the regeneration from the Fifth Doctor and thereafter in the following serial The Twin Dilemma to end that season.and Nik Kershaw now plays him in Season 22 as his new tardis turns out to be a fish tank and arrives on a new planet Telos

Adventures in Time and SpaceEdit

The Sixth Doctor's regeneration was initially unstable, and he nearly strangled Peri before he came to his senses. He encountered many old foes including the Master, Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans, and even shared an adventure with his own second incarnation. Later, the Doctor was put on trial for the second time by his own race, the Time Lords. The prosecutor at that trial, the Valeyard, turned out to be a possible future, and evil, incarnation of the Doctor himself. The events of the trial tangled the Doctor's timeline slightly, as he left in the company of Mel, whom he technically had not yet met.

Final AdventureEdit

When the TARDIS was attacked by his old enemy the Rani, the Sixth Doctor was somehow injured and regenerated into the The 13th doctor; the exact cause of the regeneration, however, has never been revealed on-screen.and now he is played by Nik Kershaw to re-do Time and the Rani and now a daughter called Izzy